Rythm and Pancakes at The Daily

Pancake Menu at The DailyMumbai, India

Rhythm & Pancakes is the coolest offbeat shindig in town! Taking place on alternate Wednesdays at Bandra’s most loved bar, it serves a perfect amalgamation of pancakes topped with eclectic music and groovy beats. The evening sees a curation of live performances by various artists including Siddharth & Ambika, who play a blend of ballads with an R&B approach; Joel & Desiree, whose vibe is a blend of old school & contemporary sounds and Mama Kitty who is known for her unique style of storytelling among others. Fork into The Daily’s range of scrumptious pancakes by giving into the sugar high of the chocotella pancake (nutella and peanut butter) or enjoy the savoury tipsy pig pancake (banana and bacon).

With an ambience as delectable as the gourmet fare, allow the magic of Rhythm & Pancakes to serve as the backdrop for your next date night or dinner with your crew. (Excerpt from a press release)


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