Romance in the ambiance of Le Mangii


This evening was much awaited as it was to be the biggest food blogger congregation I had ever experienced, thanks to FBAI and the occasion was the preview of the Valentine day Menu and introduction to the latest from the house of “Le Mangii’ at Kamala Mills, Lower Parel.

Love their bar
Love their bar

I was overwhelmed by the sheer size of the place, with a glass façade on one side and a ceiling height of approx 40 feet it almost felt like a hanger.  A ‘bay’ bar with a dj console on the fourth side and a hanging display bar, it was the place to be.  As we looked around there was booth like seating on two sides of a bar and the third having a high table seating.  With the whole set-up the mood lighting, the music system the vibe of the place was that of a lounge than a semi fine-dine. I did not mind as I struck random conversations over those beautiful Sangrias. With some popular twitterati like @foodbloggerai @mumbaiguru @behnazp @ bawibride @stuffednstarved @meghasarin @varuninamdar  @upsidedakshin @riotofflavours  @romibites and many more…. The stand-up comedy by Angad @piratedsardar had most in splits before we went on to dig into our mains.

This console speaks a lot...
This console speaks a lot…


Falafel with hummus:Nice and crisp but commonplace.

Grilled Halloumi wrapped in aubergine carpacccio :  Was expecting chunks of grilled halloumi (cheese with a Cypriot origin) with some dressing. What came was folded slice of aubergine topped with a 1mm slice of the cheese.  The beet root puree and the papaya molasses gave it a sweet and tangy touch.  Not bad  in taste, but it was more of aubergine than Halloumi.

Pizza Verdure:  Paper thin crisp pizzas from a wood fired oven. They  saved the evening frankly. And yes these pizzas are not for those who like the Napoli style pizza.


Chef rolling up for the wood fired oven
Chef rolling up for the wood fired oven

Zucchini pappardelle:  Pappardelle comes from the word “to gobble up” and I literally did that in 4 bites.  It was more of salad with thin slices of zucchini in a very light white sauce which lacked flavour. I understand it is a popular tweak on the classic broad and long pasta ‘pappardelle’, but there was a lot amiss

Saffron Risotto with chives:  Rich and creamy and the rice cooked just right. But there was no saffron in saffron pasta, neither did I smell or taste nor did I spot any strands. The eatery should understand that a consumer makes an image of the dish much before the dish comes in based on the description provided and hence it is imperative for the restaurant to deliver what is mentioned!

(For the Non-veggies:  I overheard from my fellow diners that the Chicken roulade was done perfectly!)


Philly Cheese Cake:  It was creamy and delicate in taste but failed in texture and appearance. Also it was served on a quarter plate with sauce smeared on the edges giving the whole experience a ‘banquet’ like feel.



-Lovely ambience. Can be great as a day-lit Sunday brunch place or a lounge with foot tapping music. It has enough places for you to shake a leg

-Good Pizzas

– Well made Sangrias. Has a good cocktail and beverage list to choose from

– Staff is knowledgeable and they would go an extra mile to make you comfortable


–  Of  all that I tasted the food was mediocre, may be the event caused them to turn their ‘a la carte’ kitchen to a ‘banquet’ kitchen.  For the set-up they have built, they can do a lot better.

Have to go there again to take a better taste of their menu and get a real picture.


Photo Courtesy: FBAI
Photo Courtesy: FBAI




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