Ajit Balgi

India’s wine chap, Ajit Balgi is a Mumbai based food and beverage  writer, a beverage consultant and runs the co thehappyhigh.com.  He is tireless in his endeavours to discover and eat more gourmet food whilst scouring street food to luxury spaces with equal aplomb. Through the blog he wishes to demystify food and beverages from across the board and make easy information accessible to the common man thus trying to up the level of dining scene in the country.

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9 thoughts on “Ajit Balgi

  1. Hi Sante, You have really great blog. Your reviews for the restaurants will keep bringing me back here. I am very glad that you stopped by mine and helped me find yours.

  2. Excellent place for wine and dine experienced knowledge hub. Kudos!! Now I can digitally check in before experiencing it.

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