Brewpub Seven Degree Brauhaus celebrates 4 years

Gurgaon, India

Seven Degrees Brauhaus Microbrewery

Gurgaon and Bengaluru riding on the fresh beer wave has seen brewpubs mushrooming over the last few years however so many of them  are making beer which can be completely given a pass and many are driving good competition. And amidst sizeable demand and enough options in Gurgaon, Seven Degree Brauhaus  a place known for its German style brews has completed four years in operations and I was there to partake in the celebrations with R N Rathi the owner of the pub.

Seven Degrees Brauhaus Microbrewery

My first time at the place, I started of with the much needed 4 beer sampler and I was hooked on to the their lager, malty and floral for the rest of the evening. The other beers showed good promise and perhaps why the place has been able to sustain over years. Lastly  a mix of Indian and continental appetizers both fried and from the tandoor proved worthy companions for the beer.

It’s almost four years since we started serving authentic German food & Beer for the first time in Gurgaon. Your feedback and continuous inspiration to grow is highly appreciated and hence we are soon introducing new dishes in our menu. We consider ourselves a family and we’ve grown our family substantially with time, thanks to the support of our customers and hard work from all of the staff.” beamed Rathi

More  power and fizz to your Brauhaus!



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