Champagne Day celebrated at Palladium Hotel, Mumbai

Mumbai, India

‘Champagne can make any dull place light up, but today it is just adding to the aura of this one.’ said Rajiv Singhal, Ambassador of Champagne in India. The venue was the Zenith Suite (a mysterious multilevel private party venue) on the 38th floor of the Palladium hotel and the occasion, International Champagne Day and the hosts, Rajiv the Champagne man and Abhishek Malik the hotel manager of the Palladium.

Champagne day Mumbai

For those who did not know, Champagne, a sparkling wine can only be made in the Champagne region of France; but the brand of ‘Champagne’ is so entrenched in the minds of most that almost every sparkling wine is addressed by the name.  If it were to be just about the name, one would not have cared but the whole process of making Champagne and the aging of the wine for a minimum of 15 months and the blending of wines endows the liquid with all its complexity with yeasty bready aromas. Champagne Day celebrations started five years ago and now it’s a global thing, frankly for us another reason to uncork one more!

Champagne Menu for the evening:

Taittinger Brut NV: A light and refreshing tipple with balanced fruit and biscuity aromas.

Billecart Salmon Brut NV: This was fruitier on the fore and the toast lingered on

Castelnau Brut Rose NV: This brought in set of red fruit aromas couple with the the classic Champagne nose. Quite easy drinking this one was.

 Drappier Brut Rose NV: This was spicy and had much more body to it than the rest.

Krug, Brut Grand cuvee: Coffee, honey and intense toast with a golden hue, the Krug was the most mature that evening.

Champagne Day Mumbai Palladium Hotel

Another star of the evening was Varun Chawda the Sabrage specialist at the Palladium. Sabrage is the technique of opening Champagne with a saber. We just couldn’t stop applauding the act. The picture below would tell you the story.

The evening went on for a few hours with good food and Champagne interspersed with topics ranging from Sunday brunches to Darjeeling tea to Goan Feni.  And also to a certain extent on what could the Champagne day in 2015 look like! Champagne dinners, Champagne tastings and many more, you never know some of us could actually be in Champagne to celebrate the day!!!


Champagne Sabrage India


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