India will get to know about it’s best wines soon!

Mumbai, India

‘India’s finest’ an initiative by the Mumbai wine club aims to acknowledge the best wines from India. With India being the ‘brand new-world’ in wines, it is still experimenting with regions, grapes, styles of production and treatments and evolving every passing year. With more than 80 wineries in the country and no proper wine labeling laws in place; wine selection is a major task for the customer. ‘India’s finest’ will highlight the best across categories making it easier for the consumers and helping the wineries who are genuinely trying to make good wine.

India's Best wines?

The Mumbai Wine Club appointed an independent jury to taste over 100 wines over a period of 2 days   and as you read this piece, the jury is judging the red wines from India. The jury consists of eminent personalities from the wine world ( See the image below)  Rojita Tiwari who is also the curator of this initiative said, “This is to acknowledge the spirit of wine making. We have a handful of companies making great quality wines. We also have a number of wines which have won medals, awards and accolades in various international platforms. It is high time that we prepare our own dream list which every wine company would aspire to find a place in. As this list will be updated every year, it will offer a chance to newer and greater number of participations year after year.”

India's finest Wines Mumbai Wine Club

Grover Zampa, Fratelli, Sula, Reveilo, York, Myra, Four Seasons, Vallone, Nine Hills, Charosa, Chandon, Alpine, Big Banyan, Krsma estates and SDU wineries featured in the list of wines that are in the tastings. The results we hear would be out in a week’s time, We will keep you updated.

Look forward to new beginnings in the Indian wine scene. Cheers!



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