Bandra Wine Fest 2013- 4th edition


The Bandra wine fest (BWF) is a much awaited event; a small wine carnival in itself with wine tastings,music ,art and good food, a must visit for not only wine-fans but anyone who is looking for a fun weekend.  The venue like every year,  D’monte park,Bandra provides the perfect open air setting on their lawns.

When:  9-10  November 2013, between 12-2200 hrs on both days!

What can you expect this year?

Wine: A mix of  10 Indian wineries and importers

Food: Spanish from ‘Poco Loco‘, Cheeses from ‘Kya cheez hai;, Tex Mex from ‘Gusto‘, continental fare from ‘ Mocha Mojo’ and I am looking forward to biryanis and Kebabs flown in from Hyderabad by ‘’.

Art and entertainment:  Buy art, wine walks, the grape stomping ritual, cheese making session and live music!

Dos & Donts at the festival


  1. Drink enough water, keep yourself hydrated
  2. If you plan to come during the day, Suncreen, Cap ( Sombrero if you can!!! :))  and Sunglasses are a must.  It’s gonna be hot.
  3. Do try to pair wines with the food you buy! May be a momo and Chenin or  Sauvignon Blanc and cream Cheese, completely your call!
  4. Do attend the workshops. they are quite informative
  5. Do buy wines, generally they are at a discounted price


  1. Do not start tasting wines on an empty stomach
  2. Do not gulp down every wine that comes your way. Use the spittoons provided. This will keep you going for a few hours
  3. Do not try to enter the venue late in the evening, availability of wines could be an issue!
  4. Last;ly, Do not get drunk, you will end up being another source of entertainment for the audience

Have fun. Sante!

You can buy passes here


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